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New Industrial Ethernet Certificates
Monday, Oct 10, 2011

Hirschmann™ extends certification and training program

Hirschmann™ is one of the leading providers of Industrial Ethernet products and solutions. Launched in 2003, the Hirschmann™ certification and training program has since captured a firm place on the market. Five Industrial Ethernet certificates have now been added to this already extensive program. These certificates are awarded for the “Specialist” and “Professional” levels and allow participants to prove their expertise in the areas of Routing, Security and Wireless LAN as well as their basic or advanced know-how in network administration for the industry sector. The relevant tests can be taken online or at Hirschmann’s site in Neckartenzlingen near Stuttgart. Participation in the training courses in Neckartenzlingen is optional.

The Hirschmann™ certification and training program is aimed particularly at network planners and administrators who, as internal staff or external service providers, are responsible for ensuring network availability in the industry sector. Basically, however, the program is open to all those who wish to acquire detailed know-how or require a recognized certificate as proof of their expertise. Since 2003, more than 600 people from 47 countries have been awarded over 1,800 certificates related to Industrial Ethernet technology or to products in the Hirschmann™ portfolio.

There are specially designed one- to three-day training courses for various competence levels. In addition, customized training programs can be offered for users who require targeted support in implementing network applications.

“Industrial Ethernet certificates from Hirschmann™ are not only proof of the participant’s personal qualification, they also give employers the assurance that their networks are in the hands of acknowledged experts,” says Managing Director Wolfgang Schenk, who goes on to add: “Specialist companies who employ certified network planners and support engineers can also expect much higher levels of trust on the part of their customers.”

Source: EMG

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